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Bakhoor Electronic Hair Incense Burner with USB

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1. Charge using till the blue light is off

2. Remove the top and insert your preferred bakhoor

3. Burning of Bakhoor 120 Seconds

4. 30 seconds of resting after burn

5. You may continue repeating the steps

The modern electronic incense burner is very safe to use and elegantly decorates your day.

It works with a heating mechanism to bring out the original scent of incense.

Automatic shutdown feature to cool the console after operation.

It is characterized by a larger capacity so that the incense piece is larger and the fumigation is more intense.

A metal cover tightly closed in a distinctive way, so that it works to prevent the fall or scattering of incense in the event of the incense burner falling.

A fan pushes incense smoke up to speed up its spread everywhere.

Convenient size that is easy to carry around and comes with a comb attachment

How to use the electronic hair vaporizer: -

Move the outer cover to the opposite side to open the cover.

Put the crumb of the stick, and it is forbidden to put Maamoul or Mabthout.

Hold the power button until the lamp turns on.

Wait a few seconds and the steamer will work for you and enjoy

Charging time: 1 to 2 hours via a 5 volt charging head.

Contents of the electronic vaporizer: -

Very elegant packaging, suitable for gifting.

USB type C cable for charging, especially in the vaporizer.

Tweezers to put incense. spoon when needed.

Brush for cleaning. Head with comb included

Product dimensions: 15 x 6.2 cm.

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