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Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks

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The Cup Rinser for sink is designed as a multi angle water outlet cleaning head to achieve multi angle nozzle cleaning. Put the mouth of the cup down,press the bottom of the cup lightly,can thoroughly rinse the residue in a few seconds, making your cup as bright as new. Bottle washer is suitable for cleaning bottles,coffee cups,wine glasses,drinking cups,etc.

  • Applicable Scope:Glass Washer It can be used in home kitchen,bar,coffee shop or hotel,etc. Suitable for a variety of cup types,reduce soaking and cleaning time,efficient solution to daily cup washing problems. From baby bottles to wine glasses to travel mugs,Black cup scrubber can clean any 1 - to 4-inch glass and bottle. For bottles with narrow necks,it thoroughly cleans hard-to-reach scrub points and removes hard-to-clean residues like coffee stains in cups.
  • EASY INSTALLATION:This Rapid Rinser for sink for Kitchen allows you to quickly install. There are at least 2 inch of space around the mounting hole between the center of the hole and the edge of the sink. The distance should not exceed 2 inch- to ensure that the water flows into the sink instead of accumulating on the table. alternative to standard kitchen sink sprayer,soap dispenser or sink hole cover. Simply connect the tee and water supply pipe glass rinser,saving most of the time and effort.
  • MATERIAL:The Glass Rinser for kitchen sink is made of high quality ABS and Aluminum Alloy. anti-corrosion and rust-proof,Can be used with confidence even if it is exposed to water. Our Countertop Glass Rinser includes a 80cm/31.49inch American standard outlet hose and tee branch pipe to make installation easier. ABS shell,durable to use,no scratches after slight impact. Universal 3-port water inlet pipe easy installation.High-pressure 5-hole nozzle,multi-angle and all-round spray is cleaner.
  • EASY TO USE:When you press the bottle against the rinser,it creates a strong flow around every corner of the bottle. After cleaning the cup,the water spray stops when you remove the cup. This way you can get rid of stubborn coffee grounds and other hard to clean residues. Kitchen sink cup washing machine to reduce labor intensity,improve work efficiency,improve cleanliness,is the first choice for kitchen cup washing.
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